Thursday, August 20, 2015

Booktubing VS Book Blogging & Why I Will Never Booktube...Yet

Booktube. It's been getting pretty popular these days. Why? I dunno, maybe that you can actually see personality and actually know who's making these videos, whereas in book blogging, you're more behind the scenes, and being secretive. Which is the better deal? Booktubing or Book Blogging? 

I love watching videos, I'll tell you that. I'm subscribed to a crap ton of booktubers, while I only follow a few book bloggers. But what makes us really enjoy booktube videos better than blog posts? 
One of the reasons is visual interpretation. You get to actually see the booktuber talk and hold up books and fangirl and whatnot, whereas in blogging, you have to resort to images from Goodreads/Instagram, and ASLKDF;AKSJL;FLKASD;JF; J OMFG is probably the best thing you'll get to fangirling. 

Another reason why I love watching booktube is that it's more interactive. Most booktubers have various sorts of social medias to interact with their viewers/subscribers. Yes, we do have social media, but it's just not the same, because some of us don't show our faces while using social media, so we feel less connected with our followers. 

Finally, booktube is usually done on YouTube, which is has a large platform of viewers. Therefore, people are more likely to stumble upon a booktube video, rather than stumble upon a website about books. I mean, who's going to search "The Winner's Book Thief" on Google? No one. We bloggers have to find different ways to increase our views and followers. Some good ways are Twitter, BlogLovin, and Goodreads. Just so you know :D 

However, booktube does have its cons. If you really want to increase your audience, a good quality camera and tripod do cost a lot of money. Not to mention a fancy lens. It takes a big commitment to buying those things. In book blogging, all you need is a computer, website, and a creative mind. 

It takes lots of time to get ready to film a video, time to edit it, and time to upload it. Dude, I could have finished two rough drafts of a blog post by the time one video uploads itself onto YouTube. Talk about wasting time!

Book bloggers are more behind the scenes, not showing their faces in profile pictures (usually), not giving too much of their lives on the internet, while in booktube, you should look good on camera. Heck, if I was wearing pajamas while typing this post, you wouldn't know, but if you were wearing pajamas on screen...that might been seen as weird. No judgment though. And for the record, I'm not wearing pajamas while typing this. Just so you know.

Which is better?  
Ehhh, honestly depends on your approach. As a book blogger, I'm hella scared to show my face on the internet, but...

I'm going to recommend you some booktubers, if you don't know where to start. Seven, to be specific. A few are quite well known in the booktube community, a few, not so much. 

Jesse from jessethereader: Jesse is so adorable, and we have similar book tastes. Also, his videos are hilarious, and pun-tastic...

Jenny from Jellafy: Jenny has this sarcastic tone that's so funny, and she reads a lot of historical fiction, which is something I rarely reach for, so if I need a rec, I'll go to her. She's also really underrated, which is bad, because her videos are really well done.

Regan from PeruseProject: the queen of derp faces. I mean, seriously. Also, this girl has really good fashion taste and historical fiction recs. 

Yep. Derp faces on fleek. Like usual. 

Sophia from The Book Basement: Sophia used to be a book blogger as well, apparently. I discovered her because she was chosen to be one of the people who read the clues for The Blood of Olympus release thingy? Yeah, remember? Yeah. I found out she had a blog, and she inspired me to create on of my own. Also, she's so amazing and smart and supa supa nice and I love her glasses. Also, she's underrated so go subscribeeeee. OH AND SHE LOVES IMAGINE DRAGONS <3333333

Maureen from MaureenKeavy: Maureen reads so quickly, and she reads a variety of books, and loves Morgan Matson and is underrated, go subscribe. Also she's really sweet and yeah. 

Catriona from The Little Book Owl: Catriona, or Caz also reads a variety of books, and was technically the first booktuber I ever discovered. I love her accent so so SO much. 

Finally, save the best for last...

Christine from PolandBananasBooks: Christine has INFECTIOUS energy, and she's so amazing. And she loves Percy aksdkjf;aksd;falksd;flkja;sdlkjf;lkj and she makes a variety of vids and her sketches/comedy videos are absolutely HILARIOUS and she makes things so unique and I just love her so so so much. She's also the mother of booktubing, which makes her even more fab :D


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