Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reviewing Every Book You Read

I tend to do blogging sprints: sometimes I will post like 3 times a week, others I won't post for WEEKS. And this has caused a slight problem: reviewing every single book you read. Some of you might not think this is a big problem, but the thing, I haven't reviewed some books that I read during the summer. Yep. I've tried to get myself motivated, but the thing is I've read those books so long ago that I basically forgot what I thought about them. I've created the graphics and EVERYTHING, but it's the fact that I'm incredibly lazy. No, it's not that I hate book blogging, or I would have quit a long time ago, I just get easily distracted. My focus period is about 20 minutes, MAX.

One of the main problems is just the amount of links that go into the blog posts. I really hate links. I had this period in which I would link EVERY SINGLE ONE of the author's social media, and that took so long, oh my god. I used to also link the books to Amazon, but I soon got too lazy. Also, Amazon books are overpriced ._.

Sometimes it's just...I don't know what to say. Some books leave you with so many feels that you don't know where to start. Sometimes I get insecure and will think to myself: ugh, you're such a bad blogger. 

Lately, I've just been...not writing those reviews. Reviews are hard to write, and my focus of 2016: stop forcing myself to do the things I don't want to do. That will just lead me to become depressed (summer 2015) and frustrated. I was so depressed during the summer because I literally spent the entire summer watching shitty videos and laughing at them when I really wanted to blog, review my math notes, etc, but I literally just spent my entire summer on YouTube...and now I really regret discovering YouTube but now we're off topic so I'm just going to end it here.

I'm really curious to know...what's your opinion on reviewing every book you read? Let's discuss!

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