Friday, January 1, 2016

FAVORITE BOOKS | 2015 Edition

2015 was a great reading year for me! I read a total of 110 books, which is CRAZY, right? I also joined the blogging community and discovered many amazing blogs and people, as well as amazing books to read. Thus, here are my favorite books of 2015!

I finally hopped onto the Mistborn train, and boy, was I surprised but delighted. It was everything I ever hoped for in a fantasy, and it was fabulous. The characters, the plot, and especially the fantasy aspect were so well done and amazing. I just have to read the next two books soon!

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Once again, I finally hopped onto the Raven Cycle series, and though it was totally unexpected, I loved the unique plot and characters. I also read Blue Lily, Lily Blue, but I seemed to enjoy this better. OH and these covers, just so much love. Especially The Raven King cover.

I had tried picking up DoSaB many times, and never really had the urge to completely invest myself into the novel. This fall, I picked it up and thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. The characters, plot, ROMANCE <3 <3 <3 The writing flowed beautifully and the dialogue seemed effortless.
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I'm not a huge contemporary fan, but this book just won ALL my feels. From the cover, to the friendship, to the story, to the romance, EVERYTHING was EVERYTHING to me. Morgan Matson has deemed herself as one of the queens of YA contemporary. Well, for me at least. :)

Every single ToG books is better than the first. Remember when Throne of Glass was just an assassin trying to survive? *laughs* Oh, the good 'ole days. This book was action packed and although the male characters were seemingly useless, the ladies were badass and fabulous.

This book was probably one of the darkest books I read in 2015. The action was extraordinary, the characters were harsh, the storyline filled with ups and downs and betrayals and plot twists scattered around. Writing flowed brilliantly. A++

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I officially deem Marissa Meyer as another author who is amazing at writing conclusions. She has mastered the fact that a key to writing good conclusions is to make them BIG. My ships, the characters, and everything! Plus, the Snow White retelling was SO GOOD. *dies from amazement*

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I started reading Leigh Bardugo this year, and boy, has she won a place in my list of "Auto-Buy Authors". The characters in this book were spectacular and rich and new, and the history carefully woven around the storyline was beautiful.

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Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, Simon. Simon was just so relatable and his friends were #squadgoals. The dialogue and the fandom references were amazing, and the romance and LGBTQ+ aspect just tied everything together with a bow. If you haven't read this, Read it. Love it. Share it. Repeat. 

Goodreads // Book Depository // Review

Well, I hoped you guys enjoyed this edition of FAVORITE BOOKS. :)

~Beatrice <3

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